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We are looking for Object Oriented Software Engineers for a client in the Edinburgh.

Our client is an established market leading Software provider with a worldwide client base and reputation for delivering cutting edge software products.

The clients develops software in C++  candidates, however, the skills used across the team are wider than that and they are now also looking for skilled Java or Javascript Developers to join their team and cross train into C++. So if you have strong Java candidates who are willing to learn C++ and work with both skills you would have the opportunity to join a thriving and truly interesting company.

Skills required:

  • C++, JAVA, JavaScript
  • Linux  or Window OS
  • Some GUI experience would be preferred. Qt / GTK

Development experience:

  • Advanced Design Patterns, Requirements Gathering, Design Documentation, UML
  • C++: STL Container implementations, C++11/14, STL Algorithms, Chrono, Templates, Memory Model
  • Threading: Condition variables, thread pools, threading specific design patterns, memory synchronisation
  • Qt: Advanced: Item views, Graphics Scenes
  • Databases: Advanced queries (upsert, with clause), notify, Schema design, libpq, PL/pgSQL
  • For Java candidates: Java 8+, guava, Jetty, Collections, Concurrency, JNI
  • For Javascript: React.js, Node.js, Typescript, Angular
  • Mapping: GDAL, GEOS, OGC WMS/WFC, Luciad Lightspeed / Fusion / Ria


  • Regular Expressions, UUIDs, ZeroMQ, Google Protobuf, Boost, GDAL, GEOS, Jira, Git

Please send a copy of your CV to apply or call us should you have any question require any information.