Relocating can be tough enough, but if you add in the stress of starting a new job, it can be overwhelming. Here’s how to make the transition easier and less demanding.


Make a plan before you move. This is the number one thing you can do to dramatically reduce the stress associated with moving. How detailed should your plan be? Very detailed. You should take an inventory of all of your property, make a list of things you need to do and when you need to do it by, and you should have a list of important phone numbers handy for your movers, your utilities, and any other company or person helping you during the move.

It dramatically reduces your stress because all you have to do is follow the plan.


Finding a new home isn’t always easy, but it’s something (oddly enough) many people do quickly – almost too quickly. In fact, most people put more time into planning a move than they do finding and researching a home.

Let’s say you want to find a home in Alberta. What should you do? You should start with local listings in the area you want to live in. Contact a local realtor. Have a home inspection done. Consult with a contractor about the costs for any repairs that need to be done. Then, make a determination as to whether it’s worth the asking price. Negotiate with the seller.

Make sure you get the home you want for the price you want. Don’t get too emotional over buying a home, especially if it’s your first walkthrough. Worst case scenario – you rent. It’s not the end of the world. Whatever you do, don’t stress about the home. Don’t buy something you’re not completely satisfied with or can’t afford.


Don’t forget to forward all of your mail. This is a biggie. Many people just assume the post office will automatically forward mail. They won’t. You will have to forward it yourself or tell everyone about your new address and hope that nothing gets lost.


If you’re moving into a new area code, make sure you transfer your phone service to the local one. If you have a cell phone as your primary number, this isn’t so important.


One way to make the moving process less stressful is to get involved with the local community. If you feel like part of the place where you live, you’ll develop an attachment to it. Bonding happens when there is an emotional or psychological connection. If there’s no connection, there’s no feeling of belonging.

And, what creates that feeling? Investment. You must invest in the place where you live in order to feel like it matters to you. So, get involved in your community. Make it matter to you. Sure, you’ll miss your old place, but you will appreciate the new place you’ve chosen even more.

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